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CLIMB: Climate change, Landscape Imaging, and Mountain Biodiversity

The CLIMB project is led in collaboration with Dr. Brian Starzomski and Dr. Eric Higgs (Environmental Studies, UVic). CLIMB is a joint interdisciplinary project for the concerted study of climate change using repeat and historic photographs of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The computer vision team works on algorithms for the identification and quantification of changes in the main landscape categories (meadows, forest, rock, water, ice). The image database is provided by the Mountain Legacy Project.

Computer Vision Team
  • Eric Higgs (co-PI), Professor, Environmental Studies, University of Victoria
  • Brian Starzomski (PI), Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, University of Victoria
  • Jason Fisher, PhD, Mammal Ecology Research Scientist, Alberta Research Council
  • Matthew Wheatley, PhD, Conservation Biologist, Alberta Parks

  • C. Gat, A. Branzan Albu, D. German, and E. Higgs, “A Comparative Evaluation of Feature Detectors on Historic Repeat Photography”, in Proc. of 7th International Symposium on Visual Computing, ISVC 2011, Las Vegas, Sept 2011.